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QuickBooks Seminar Style – In Person Class- Naperville,IL

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Wed: call for dates : Beg-Interm – 9am-5pm $ 279 per person  

Thurs:  call for dates :  Advance Class  – 9am- 5pm $ 279 per person

  For Both days $549.00 


QuickBooks Seminar

Beg-Interm  – 9am-5pm

Introducing QuickBooks

· Getting around in QuickBooks

· All the accounting you need to know

· Exiting QuickBooks

· Moving between company files

Setting up QuickBooks

· Creating a QuickBooks company

· Entering company info

· Customizing QuickBooks for your business

· Setting up your business accounting

· Completing company file setup

· Getting help while using QuickBooks


Working with lists

· Using QuickBooks lists

· Editing the chart of accounts

· Working with the Customers & Jobs list

· Working with the Employee Center

· Working with the Vendor Center

· Adding custom fields

· Managing lists

Working with bank accounts

· Writing a QuickBooks check

· Using bank account registers

· Entering a handwritten check

· Transferring money between accounts

· Reconciling checking accounts

Using other accounts in QuickBooks

· Other account types in QuickBooks

· Tracking credit card transactions

· Working with asset accounts

· Working with liability accounts

· Understanding equity accounts

Entering sales information

· Using sales forms in QuickBooks

· Filling in a sales form

· Memorizing a sale

· Entering a new service item

· Using multiple price levels

· Reminding customers of overdue payments

· Processing sales orders

· Tracking backorders

Receiving payments and making deposits

· Recording customer payments

· Making deposits

Entering and paying bills

· Handling bills in QuickBooks

· Using QuickBooks for accounts payable

· Entering and Paying bills


 Advance Class: Time : 9am-5pm

Analyzing financial data

· Reports and graphs help you understand your business

· Creating QuickReports

· Creating and customizing preset reports

· Saving report settings

· Printing reports

· Exporting reports to Microsoft

· Creating QuickInsight graphs


Setting up inventory

· Turning on the inventory feature

· Entering products into inventory

· Ordering products

· Receiving inventory

· Entering a bill for inventory

· Manually adjusting inventory

· Tracking finished goods

· Tracking and paying sales tax


Overview of sales tax in QuickBooks

· Setting up your tax rates and agencies

· Applying tax to each sale

· Determining what you owe

· Paying your tax agencies

Doing payroll with QuickBooks

· Overview of payroll tracking

· Setting up for payroll

· Setting up employee payroll information

· Writing a paycheck

· Tracking your tax liabilities

· Paying payroll taxes

Creating jobs and estimates

· Estimating and progress invoicing

· Writing an estimate

· Creating multiple estimates

· Creating an invoice from an estimate

· Displaying reports for estimates

· Updating job status

· Tracking time and mileage

· Invoicing a customer for time and mileage

· Displaying project reports for time tracking

· Paying nonemployees for time worked

· Customizing forms and writing

· QuickBooks Letters

· About QuickBooks forms

· Customizing invoices

· Designing custom layouts for forms


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Certificate of Completion

All Attendees of our classes will receive a Certificate of Completion for the classes attended.

Disclaimer: This certificate is not for CPE credits.


Cancellation Policy:

All Cancellations must be received by calling Tel 630-618-6008 or email 72 hours before scheduled Training date.

If received 24 hours before Training a credit memo will be issued and applied towards a future date. We will reschedule Training up to 2 more future dates.

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